Passionate about life on the water

“Exploring life with no limits!”
Dylan F. Willers

I am Dylan Willers

I am a driven individual with a love for the ocean and unique places.
I enjoy travel and experiences through interactions with people all over the world.
I currently work as a skilled deckhand.

I travel the worlds oceans

I enjoy my life working on the seas, meeting people and seeing the world.
I travel a lot and the best place to locate me is here.

I work hard and learn quick

I will find solutions if any problems arise and learn quickly.
I’m climbing the ranks to become a bosun and hope to eventually become a captain.
I am motivated to do my best everyday and provide absolute quality services.
Where am I?

Florida, USA

Available for opportunities?


Current Travel Documentation

I am willing to apply for any other visas should it be required for the job position offered. 
I might require some assistance through confirmation/offer letters from captains/coordinators to apply for certain visas.

South African Passport
USA VISA B1 – 10 Years
Schengen VISA Europe – 3 Years – Type C

My next goal?

To obtain my
Yachtmaster Qualification

I am driven to succeed and will give my all to ensure the safety of the crew and guests.
I am an avid learner and is always up for a new challenge.
I also ensure the quality of my work is always top class.
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Fully vaccinated
against COVID-19 with